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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Chow Time

One good thing about working in Dubai is that you have this chance to be with different people of different nationalities. And what's the advantage of that? - Each one has their unique flavor and since I'm adventurous when it comes to food, today I'll try Indian Chapati paired with some cottage cheese and some kind of "paneer mutter". By the way, I'm with my friend officemate Sreejit.I've tried Arabian, Iranian, and everything weird I could eat. One day i had this odd looking pizza food I brought from the grocery and bad thing i ended up getting sick for hours. I guess some spice or too much spice is kinda bad.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Upgrade Stuff

My pc got upgraded today thanks to my kind boss she considered my request. I'll be using these to design graphic intensive projects. Our 3D workstation got busted 2 days ago and I hope no one will blame since I reformatted it 2 days ago. The guy on the pic is Reza, our managing director's bro. I feel bad today because I haven't received an update regarding my credit card application. I hope it will be approved soon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Me today

This is me today 4 months after I left the Philippines. As of today I'm very thankful because I have this great accomodation where I can have good sleep and most of all the food is great. Lucky for me I don't have to cook and wash clothes since they're included on my monthly payment for my flat. So far my sleep is ok and I rarely feel homesick because I'm preoccupied with my job all the time and I've got no other concerns except work and work. So far I have no problem yet on my job since I really love what I do except for some minor problems that sometimes arise between my coworker.

One good value I've learned here in Dubai is to deal effectively with different kinds of people with diverse personalities. At all means, you have to respect each others' differences to have a good and professional relationship with them. But still I'm firm in my belief that being a Filipino is one damn good race to be proud of.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Making my tasks

Today I'm making this great storyboard for a television commercial in 3D. You can can view it in here. I'm not quite good with this but I have to 'improvise' some story telling skills to get this job done.

One thing that bothers me much today is that my boss cancelled cash transfer starting this month from the company's account to our payroll accounts. What do you think is the reason for this? I smell something wrong but I'm pretty quite sure I'm going to get paid since everyone knows our boss is kind and understanding. Maybe there's just some problems I don't seem to know yet.

I'm planning to post some good pics on this blog starting tomorrow. I almost did today but unfortunately I left the stupid dock back home. So expect some pics tomorrow.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm sure it ain't crap

At last my own darn blog. I'm sure this ain't crap since. I'm really not into writing journals on the net or stuff but I'll try. The main reason for this one is my life here in Dubai revolves around work and life at home, that's why there's nothing much more interesting on these topics besides dealing with new stuff I learn on my job or new people I meet. Anyway, I'm Mark, people call me Mark Lisao back in my place. I work as a web developer here in Dubai Media city for 4 months now. That's it for today.

My Shitty Officemate

Ah, as my Title says :".. killer blog". I guess this entry will mean what I'm sayi'n. This shitty officemate of mine - an Indian 3D animator tries out my patience today. As production(making a 3d animation) protocol for common sense, you have to have a script first before you start modelling. And guess what, he's trying to work the other way around. I think some people are playing moron or they're just really morons. And what's inacceptable besides this is that they blame other people for their folly. This kind of character if his is too inacceptable for me especially his arrogance. Anyway this guy is still new and I have to know his ouput before he "messes" us up. I'll try to adjust for now before I start to retaliate a bit.