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Monday, October 18, 2004

The Arabian Job

This is the usual day for me- designing web and print ads for some companies and today, my manager listed all the tasks me and my fellow worker Jeff have to accomplish during the week. Print ads are the majority of our tasks today and I know we will both have a hard time to materialize these things because of the limited resources given to us. The problem with these clients is that they don't make up their minds early and we really don't know what we have to produce. They don't give any materials about their company and you have to invent their damn company profile and stuff like that. Language barrier is really a pressure on this case.

Above is the picture of a desperate employee looking for resources for his project.I have to look for references on designs of existing materials I've got from GITEX(see Oct. 5 entry). It's pretty hard to work from scratch but if you've got the right resource and adios! you'll hit straight bull's eye. The only thing rewarding on this kind of job where client's visual preference is always a crucial factor are the compliments you get from them since these people totally rely on your creative talent and these are not just the ordinary companies but rather the BIG ones. A few months back I've designed artworks for Iran's International Airport's indoor and outdoor trivisions and digital displays and also as well graphics for Tehran's public transport system. My boss is pretty good in getting these contracts since they looooooohve the Iran government. As far I can remember, when I was still 3 feet my mother commented about my drawings which look worse than chicken scratch and it was really depressing since it was the only talent I had and besides that I'm not athletic like the others. But I knew that my car drawing with square wheels will take me somewhere else. Thanks to Khan2x Isturis for inspiring me to draw when we were still on the 5th grade. He's like the Michael Jackson of Basketball!#$%???

I trust Mr. Einstein's words and I say it works pretty well. It's something like this : "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."