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Saturday, October 16, 2004

CSS - Cascading Style Sh_t!

I just spent the whole day today creating a new template for this blogger/webpage or whatever. I'm utilizing css (cascading stylesheets) for my site layout. Anyway, css are scripts you employ on webpages wherein you can specify style definitions of a site to display text and images with total control and improved visual enhancements supported by most browsers(*this is my term). CSS is very extensible and when coupled with XML they make a powerful tandem in syndicating web content from rss feeds. In short, what I mentioned above are like accessories for your website to make you and
your site visitors happy boys and girls. I hope people can appreciate the importance of CSS since all sites like your Yahoo! or Hotmail email providers use it. It's not just CSS but a lot of scripts like Javascript, VBScript, C#, JSP, PHP, SQL, XML, DHTML, PERL, Python, Java and many more that attribute to most of the sites on the Internet today. It's like employing at least two of these scripts (including HTML) on a dynamc site. Now I use five of these in making sites excluding design softwares which I usually work most of the time. A tip for aspiring designers: 'On designing websites: Anything in excess is garbage!'.