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Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Pantry

Today, I had this great lunch with my officemates and a fellow employee on the other office. We have this small pantry in the corner of our office about 4-6 square meters and just imagine fitting in 7 people in it trying to eat. This was a feast for me since we had Filipino and Indian food on the table and 3 races having lunch. One good thing that bonds us here in my place is our commaraderie. Everyone treats each other as if we are of the same race and I guess it's only in our office. It's quite an advantage being one of the clowns because you gain more and more friends

Getting home expecting something is quite unusual for me since I'm quite enthusiastic in using my new laptop. For years I have been dreaming to have this device but since I cannot afford then I have just to envy others of their nice shiny mobile machines. It's quite gratifying to have such thing you really deserve for and spent countless days to earn it. I guess I have to work harder for the much more bigger expense on which I myself only know.