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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Purple Effect

I really can't design today and I have been working on a single project that I really really can't make up my mind because I feel incapacitated when I work on color purple. My boss likes purple and I also love purple but with a decreases percentage on the Magenta so it will be blue. It's a small deal but I had this problem for months now since most of the printed projects we've made are in purple! I hope someone will email me on how to solve this problem.

Right now I'm working in my room and I miss my family and girlfriend. My laptop is getting hot underneath and I have to wait till 11+ to have my companion get back from office and bring me shawarma. What I really like in this accomodation of mine are the phrases like: "Mark kain na!", "Kumain ka na ba Mark?", "Mark dito ka umupo, kain na tayo", "Mark, bakit hindi mo kinain to'ng salad", "Nagustuhan mo ba baon mo, Mark, Kinain mo ba lahat?", "Mark hati tayo dito". I've tried horse shampoo for two days now I can see that my hair is stiff like horsey. It should not be the effect but I like it. Filipinos here at office and at home are asking me about that horsey shampoo and I don't know why they are so into it. That's what good about Filipinos from the lacto-drink to the coconut oil and now horsey shampoo, we are so herbal. I have one good suggestion and this might be the next in-thing. They say that the Indians put cobra oil on their head and wouldn't wash it for days so it would look greasy and shiny. I haven't tried it becuase it's like putting shit on top of your head and my boss won't let me work again. But they say it's effective.

To Cocoy Pana - salamat sa email. I am so touched!