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Monday, December 27, 2004

My First Macro Shot

Posted above is my 256 MB Flash Drive shot through Konika Minolta's DImage 7i 5 Mpx Semi-SLR Digital Camera. This is my first Macro Shot.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Quote of the day

if it was so, it might be;
and if it were so, it would be;
but as it isn't, it ain't.
That's logic.
--Lewis Carroll

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Weather You like It Or Not

Since then, the tempearature here in Dubai is freezingly cold and because of this I could hardly adjust. Even in mid afternoon it's still chilling though the sun is out. Walking outside the afternoon heat even feels cold brought by the west wind and it feels so good. It's even warmer inside the malls compared outside where I can take shelter for minutes because I'm not really used to this new weather. It's my first time to experience the coming of winter outside my home country. I've thought the best thing to do during the weekends is go to the park, take a walk and go fishing but I had no one to accompany me since everyone have their own preoccupations. Though I had myself busy these days because of programming my new website, I had some portions of it finished on time that's why I had some spare time to sleep and do almost nothing. Christmas is coming already that's why I have to consider cutting costs because I have to. I just wish that If I had the money I'd return back home in the Philippines and celebrate Christmas with my family. If I've been in the Emirates Group that idea wouldn't be that vague.:(

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My Credit Card Application

Some people's head are hard to crack. This is my story of one rotten credit card agent who pissed me of a few months ago. Anyway, he did a little remorse. As my retaliation, I've emailed this message GulfBankers hoping it will be forwrded to the Banks's Credit Card Division. My little story goes like this:

I am an applicant of ______'s credit card in Dubai, UAE and I have this complain regarding _______'s credit card marketing division, _______ marketing in particular . Since I've called them up this September to apply for a credit card I was surprised by their swift response and their agents were calling me inhesistantly to get me as their account and they were pushing me so much on my application and one of them proudly offered to secure my bank statement on which they will take care personally, which later on didn't materialize. These people were too insisting that they would acquire my papers even office hours which is quite disturbing. Upon this, they promised a 7 working day approval of my application. A week passed by and I haven't received any response from these people and if I hadn't called them up I wouldn't have known that one of my requirements had a minor discrepancy. When I started to inquire regarding the problem, this agent HAMAD __ started to utter insulting phrases like "...YOU SHOULD HAVE USED YOUR COMMON SENSE..." and bragged that he worked before in a bank that's why I shouldn't question any technicalities of my credit card application. I found it so insulting since prefessionalism wasn't practiced here the fact that he is affiliated with a reputed institution and yet this behavior of his can be compared to an uneducated, disrespectful, ill-bred zoo animal. Because of this incident, I've decided to apply to another credit card company. I called up this guy again to return back my papers and he responded that he doesn't have a car and mentioned too many alibi and not only that he also uttered unreasonable intrusive responses.

I am writing this email so that anyone may consider forwarding this message to the one concerned from ________ to make some action regarding this abusive agent. If you tolerate this individual please consider preserving your good reputation since there might be the same individuals like me who have the same problem with your personnel who fail to speak up. I assume we are all professionals here working with proper respect and descent attitude. We belong to an educated society where business and professionalism thrives. If we pursue in keeping this state we should be vigilant against moral degradation and not keep stained image caused by some ill-bred individuals.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Today, I've just made this logo for a trading company. Other logos I have are on the following link:

Monday, December 13, 2004

Meteor Gardennnn

I have just recently browsed through my old files since I found this one. It's the great picture reggie I've edited in Photoshop a few months ago. It reminds me of Meteor Garden and I call this masterpiece 'Dreamy Reggie'.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sleep Eye Cover

Under my bed I found a nice dusty sleep eye cover. Lately, since I found this nifty old stuff, my sleep just got a little better. Beside from the cold winter weather, the nice little thing I found helped me sleep since my eyes never had the chance to see even the faintest light at night and because of this all goes well till I sleep. Now, I've just realized that some things cheap saves lives like me who is an insomniac. The irony here is that some people spend millions in research and development and also as well as acquiring high technology military equipment used for modern warfare like night vision goggles, yet individuals get their lives ruined because of this. As I've realized, people should sometimes get themselves blinded from the 'unnecessary things' in life and focus instead on the simple things because some life's essential aren't brought out of complexity. As for me, the only factors I seem to feel needed in a godd night's sleep is the emptiness of mind and a good eye cover.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

My Boy Scout Attitude

I'm getting ready my portfolio and also as well my cv for any abrupt changes here at office. I hope it will be an easy transition if ever there is any incoming trouble in the future. Sometimes things come unanticipated and like a thief in the night that robs you of your possession or say like a catastrophie that turns things upside down. Anyway, I'm quite confident that I'll be able to make it at this point of time. If someone's going to ask me what ordeal I am into now, I'd probably answer that it is quite a long story. Life's like that. It ain't fair but I try to handle things so I don't get wasted because of others' folly.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Collecting old stuff

Today, I collected my past works since I'll be needing them If someone would ask for my portfolio. It consists of my past web designs and also as well as logos i've vectorized lately. Though now I'm much into ASP and CSS scripting, my current designs in comparison to the past I've mae before are far more improved. I think adequate exposure much more in this country U.A.E wherein everything you see is a good source of design inspiration.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to IKEA - a one-stop home furnishing shop inside Deira City Center. I bought a small wooden side table so i can use it to put things so my room wouldn't be so crowded. It's my first time to buy such item knowing that I' not that interested in home furniture. I liked the item because it's made of unfurnished pine wood and it can be made compact to save space by folding it diagonally. Although it was heavy to carry from the store to home, I patiently carried it without riding a taxi but rather, I rode the bus. I didn't mind the load I carried since it was cold then and I approximately reached home around 6:30 P.M. This is just one of my days here in the U.A.E., I bought some wood and took it home by public bus. Nothing significant but this story made it to my blog. Boring.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

<% Reponse.Write "I can code." %>

My blogger software is almost halfway done. I had it on a CSS and XHTML template and ASP and SQL as backend. I hope it will pay off soon as I start to test online. I have this big problem on the server's system's regional settings wherein the date I acquire from my database aren't that of the same which makes my program spit out undesirable results. I'll try today to give it a fix or I may just have to overhaul date algorithms I've already made. What's good in ASP is that you can test it offline provided that you set up IIS on your local machine. Just tell IIS where your virtual folder is and you can run scripts even on my laptop which is running even on WinXP Home Edition. Thanks to Pippo Mares on his tutorial on cracking WinXp Home Edition to run IIS. This method is currently published on So, people having this problem read the article and give it a shot.