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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My Credit Card Application

Some people's head are hard to crack. This is my story of one rotten credit card agent who pissed me of a few months ago. Anyway, he did a little remorse. As my retaliation, I've emailed this message GulfBankers hoping it will be forwrded to the Banks's Credit Card Division. My little story goes like this:

I am an applicant of ______'s credit card in Dubai, UAE and I have this complain regarding _______'s credit card marketing division, _______ marketing in particular . Since I've called them up this September to apply for a credit card I was surprised by their swift response and their agents were calling me inhesistantly to get me as their account and they were pushing me so much on my application and one of them proudly offered to secure my bank statement on which they will take care personally, which later on didn't materialize. These people were too insisting that they would acquire my papers even office hours which is quite disturbing. Upon this, they promised a 7 working day approval of my application. A week passed by and I haven't received any response from these people and if I hadn't called them up I wouldn't have known that one of my requirements had a minor discrepancy. When I started to inquire regarding the problem, this agent HAMAD __ started to utter insulting phrases like "...YOU SHOULD HAVE USED YOUR COMMON SENSE..." and bragged that he worked before in a bank that's why I shouldn't question any technicalities of my credit card application. I found it so insulting since prefessionalism wasn't practiced here the fact that he is affiliated with a reputed institution and yet this behavior of his can be compared to an uneducated, disrespectful, ill-bred zoo animal. Because of this incident, I've decided to apply to another credit card company. I called up this guy again to return back my papers and he responded that he doesn't have a car and mentioned too many alibi and not only that he also uttered unreasonable intrusive responses.

I am writing this email so that anyone may consider forwarding this message to the one concerned from ________ to make some action regarding this abusive agent. If you tolerate this individual please consider preserving your good reputation since there might be the same individuals like me who have the same problem with your personnel who fail to speak up. I assume we are all professionals here working with proper respect and descent attitude. We belong to an educated society where business and professionalism thrives. If we pursue in keeping this state we should be vigilant against moral degradation and not keep stained image caused by some ill-bred individuals.