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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Weather You like It Or Not

Since then, the tempearature here in Dubai is freezingly cold and because of this I could hardly adjust. Even in mid afternoon it's still chilling though the sun is out. Walking outside the afternoon heat even feels cold brought by the west wind and it feels so good. It's even warmer inside the malls compared outside where I can take shelter for minutes because I'm not really used to this new weather. It's my first time to experience the coming of winter outside my home country. I've thought the best thing to do during the weekends is go to the park, take a walk and go fishing but I had no one to accompany me since everyone have their own preoccupations. Though I had myself busy these days because of programming my new website, I had some portions of it finished on time that's why I had some spare time to sleep and do almost nothing. Christmas is coming already that's why I have to consider cutting costs because I have to. I just wish that If I had the money I'd return back home in the Philippines and celebrate Christmas with my family. If I've been in the Emirates Group that idea wouldn't be that vague.:(