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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Chicharon is my Destiny

Good news for us today since the boss who is out of the country declared that we can go home by 5 p.m. This means I'll have more time watching T.V. and do things on my leisure time. Some new channel came up just two weeks ago(Ch. 33- One T.V.) and it's like HBO and Star Movies combined and best of all it's free. Usually when the time I get home I watch Dharma and Greg and it all goes up to 9:30 P.M. of watching T.V. since I've been deprived of it for about 6 months. Another good news for me is that some Chicharon('Pork Skin') has arrived from Manila brought by my roommate. Actually me and my Tsik girlfriend both love chicharon. It goes something like if a boy and a girl have theme song me and Tsik also have our theme food which is the Mighty Chicharon. Two years ago I was hospitalized because of kidney trouble due to excessive salt and MSG, but still I eat chicharon. I always loved chicharon since high school and even more on college. I remember the days when me and my super friend Paolo used to frequently drop by the school canteen on breaktime to have a chicharon and coke break. This leads me to conclude that chicharon unites people. Chicharon rules!