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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Look, A Camel!

I've been tryi'n photography since two weeks but hadn't that much results yet since I came up with the idea of doing programming stuff again on my new blog. I guess the cold makes me too much lazy that I don't update my blog nor finish up my new website and it ai'nt a bad excuse because like animals do, I also hibernate.

The other week, I came to heritage village to practice shooting on things, I mean taking pictures. They say that the more you shoot, the more you develop your photographic eye. I guest this suggests your eye on photography improves in a much better perspective than the usual wherein you shoot for necessity without considering the basic technicalities of optimizing your camera to take god looking pictures. Dubai is loaded with numerous subjects and places suitable for photoraphy. Natural lighting is excellent most especially near sundown since it intensifies Dubai's desert theme and it wouldn't be complete without the camel. As I have noticed, camels are also like carabaos. They execute at your command and a national icon of a country but unlike carabaos, camels thrive on dry land. If it would be possible to breed both camel and carabao that would be one of the greatest achievement in genetics ever! As expected the result would be a brown long neck carabao with fur.Cool.