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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ilonggo in the Bus

It's saturday once again, the second day of my weekly long holiday. People in my shoes might find it very rewarding since I start my weekend halfday of thursday up to saturday and that's a precious 2 1/2 days of quality R&R (*Rest and Relaxation). I should have been taking photos and practice photography if the company camera have not been busted. I give this credit to some ingrate 'instance' that partook in my big pie of generosity. Resilience has still its rewards in times of difficulties and being open hearted is a requisite to being just.

Anyway, today, I went to Deira city center alone. I enjoy solitude most especially when travelling but it should have been more fun if I'm with Tsik. As usual Dubai's premier shopping destination this DSF(Dubai Shopping Festival) is packed with people of many different nationalities. Everyone shops but I did not. If all people in that place were put in the blender to make the biggest human shake(this is sick!) it would be nice to imagine what it would yield. The point to this metaphor is - diversity is so overwhemling! DSF is so tempting and if I had only more than enough disposable dow I'd must have bagged all the things my folks desire and ship it right away to Mabuhay! Land. If I trace the store I've visited since entrance that would be Magrudy's, The cool optical shop that sells Oakleys and Ray Bans, Plugins Electronics(my playground), Another Computer Shop, Jacky's (Electronic Store), Kite (another electronic store), another cool store that sells cameras and lenses. Other stores I've went to that are also part of my vested interest are: Timberland, a phat clothes store, Virgin Records(almost, I'm an mp3 pirate), Carrefour(has it all), BoorJer King, a store that sells luxury items and 6 to 8 gold and diamond shops. Almost everytime I go to City Center this is my habitual route. This is the only time that I've realized that. I pray that someday I could bring my family and Tsik and all families I owe to this great place Dubai, the land of Gold and Shawarma.

As I went home I waited for the bus for 20 mins. and when I got onboard the ambiance was too noisy. I guess I've heard some Urdu, Malayalam, Arabic, Filipino, English, Farsi, Thai and other languages people utter but what I'm happy about is there are some folks at the back of the bus speaking Ilonggo. This is the sweet language I've been yearning to hear in Dubai. Though some loud mouthed people who sound like ___ in orchestra the proud ilonggo dudes were the best of them and I was smiling in their nonsense humour. Even in Dubai the tikalons still manage to tikal which is the true trademark of the dudes at the back of the bus. They don't call them ilonggo for nothing and I'm proud to be one.

More than seven months have passed and I can say that things unmanageable can still be fixed at least. This is relative to all aspects in my life I can think of. If I were to evaluate this as good progression, yes it is and the wonderful fact about this is that I did it alone.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Chicharon is my Destiny

Good news for us today since the boss who is out of the country declared that we can go home by 5 p.m. This means I'll have more time watching T.V. and do things on my leisure time. Some new channel came up just two weeks ago(Ch. 33- One T.V.) and it's like HBO and Star Movies combined and best of all it's free. Usually when the time I get home I watch Dharma and Greg and it all goes up to 9:30 P.M. of watching T.V. since I've been deprived of it for about 6 months. Another good news for me is that some Chicharon('Pork Skin') has arrived from Manila brought by my roommate. Actually me and my Tsik girlfriend both love chicharon. It goes something like if a boy and a girl have theme song me and Tsik also have our theme food which is the Mighty Chicharon. Two years ago I was hospitalized because of kidney trouble due to excessive salt and MSG, but still I eat chicharon. I always loved chicharon since high school and even more on college. I remember the days when me and my super friend Paolo used to frequently drop by the school canteen on breaktime to have a chicharon and coke break. This leads me to conclude that chicharon unites people. Chicharon rules!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Look, A Camel!

I've been tryi'n photography since two weeks but hadn't that much results yet since I came up with the idea of doing programming stuff again on my new blog. I guess the cold makes me too much lazy that I don't update my blog nor finish up my new website and it ai'nt a bad excuse because like animals do, I also hibernate.

The other week, I came to heritage village to practice shooting on things, I mean taking pictures. They say that the more you shoot, the more you develop your photographic eye. I guest this suggests your eye on photography improves in a much better perspective than the usual wherein you shoot for necessity without considering the basic technicalities of optimizing your camera to take god looking pictures. Dubai is loaded with numerous subjects and places suitable for photoraphy. Natural lighting is excellent most especially near sundown since it intensifies Dubai's desert theme and it wouldn't be complete without the camel. As I have noticed, camels are also like carabaos. They execute at your command and a national icon of a country but unlike carabaos, camels thrive on dry land. If it would be possible to breed both camel and carabao that would be one of the greatest achievement in genetics ever! As expected the result would be a brown long neck carabao with fur.Cool.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Post Holiday Stuff

I've never slept normally in the past few days maybe because of the cold weather I'm not used to. Though it's pretty comfortable to sleep at night since it'cold, I'm still not used to the temperature. Christmas was nice, the New Year was cool and all we did was eat and eat. I'm at my aunt's place at the New Year and it's so wonderful to spend time with my only relatives here in Dubai. Though the holidays might be not be as lively here in the Middle East, I still managed to feel at home since 'mingling' with my titos and titas would give a quite good relief during these holiday homesickness. Yes, I feel homesick sometimes but still, work and interest keeps me preoccupied that keeps me well-survived.

I blame myself on not updating this blog nor finishing up my own site since the past few days have been spent studying Digital Photography. I guess this will be my new-found interest I'm willing to invest my time because I find it very rewarding. And it's not only that. It's also encouraging to learn the art since me and my friends share the same interest and it allows me to go places here in Dubai with very good subjects. I might as well take pictures of Burj Al Arab, Madinat Jumeirah and the Hatta Desert in the future if I had the equipment. As for now, I've got some spare time during work to do almost nothing. I hope we all don't get so much burden when the boss comes.

Monday, December 27, 2004

My First Macro Shot

Posted above is my 256 MB Flash Drive shot through Konika Minolta's DImage 7i 5 Mpx Semi-SLR Digital Camera. This is my first Macro Shot.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Quote of the day

if it was so, it might be;
and if it were so, it would be;
but as it isn't, it ain't.
That's logic.
--Lewis Carroll

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Weather You like It Or Not

Since then, the tempearature here in Dubai is freezingly cold and because of this I could hardly adjust. Even in mid afternoon it's still chilling though the sun is out. Walking outside the afternoon heat even feels cold brought by the west wind and it feels so good. It's even warmer inside the malls compared outside where I can take shelter for minutes because I'm not really used to this new weather. It's my first time to experience the coming of winter outside my home country. I've thought the best thing to do during the weekends is go to the park, take a walk and go fishing but I had no one to accompany me since everyone have their own preoccupations. Though I had myself busy these days because of programming my new website, I had some portions of it finished on time that's why I had some spare time to sleep and do almost nothing. Christmas is coming already that's why I have to consider cutting costs because I have to. I just wish that If I had the money I'd return back home in the Philippines and celebrate Christmas with my family. If I've been in the Emirates Group that idea wouldn't be that vague.:(